A ROMANTIC who met his dream girl at a Hampshire festival but forgot to take her number tried to find her by plastering posters around her home town – and it worked.

Love-struck Nick Hopton met the lady at Boomtown Fair festival two weekends ago.

But he didn’t ask her number and all he knew was that she worked in recruitment and lives in Horfield, Bristol.

So the lovelorn festival-goer covered all the bus stops in the area with a poster appeal for the girl called Freya to get in touch.

The posters were put up on every bus stop in Filton Avenue and Horfield.

Incredibly it worked – and the pair are now going to meet up.

Nick said: “She got in touch on Monday night, after midnight. I was amazed it worked so quickly.

“We’ve been in touch already on Tuesday morning and hopefully we’ll meet up again, which will be really nice.”

The message ‘Do you know Freya?’, read: “I met Freya last weekend at Boomtown and had a wonderful time talking to her.

“I know she lives in a shared house here in Horfield and works in a Recruitment Agency, but I wasn’t switched on enough to ask for her no. Hence the reason for this poster.

“Below is a picture of me to jog her memory, and my number… Any help finding Freya will be rewarded with my undying gratitude and a certificate. PS I’m Nick.”

Nick added: “What happened was it was at the Monday of Boomtown after the festival and we got chatting because we were both walking through the campsite; she was trying to find a way back to Bristol.

“I would’ve given her a lift but I already had a car full, so I helped her find the bus and we just got on really well, had a lovely chat and just clicked, really.

“As she got on the bus afterwards I could see that she wanted me to give her my number or something, and I stupidly didn’t, so for a week afterwards I tried to find her.

“I searched for her on Facebook and couldn’t find her, so this weekend I had two options – one was phoning every recruitment agency in Bristol and asking for Freya, and the other was putting up the posters.

“I knew she lived in Horfield and caught the bus, so I put posters on every bus stop and she saw one on her way home from work.

“It was old school, doing that. It was a bit scary putting your phone number on a poster like that, and I did have a couple of calls from blokes saying ‘yeah, I’m Freya’.

“We’ll see what happens now, but my job now is to go out and take these posters down now as quickly as possible.”