WHERE is James Scythe?

That’s the mystery which has sent fans of a Southampton punk band into a frenzy today.

The band Creeper has sparked a major campaign across social media platforms after posting that the band’s members have gone missing after performing at Reading and Leeds festivals this weekend.

The hashtag #creepercult has been trending online as fans attempt to get to the bottom of what has happened.

According to the band’s Facebook page all the members have disappeared after performing at festivals this weekend on their way back to Southampton.

It is not yet known if the band are in fact missing, but according to fan’s comments this could all be part of a mystery ‘spoof.’ The band has set up a new website which shows the breakdown of an allegedly unsolved police case of a missing person.

This person is called James Scythe and the website has been cleverly arranged to show a breakdown of who he is, what is believed to have happened and some ‘eerie’ exclusive footage from the night he went missing.

The band is made up of Dan Bratton on drums, Oliver Burdett and Ian Miles both on guitar, Will Gould on vocals, Sean Scott on bass and Hannah Greenwood on keys.

Now their Facebook page has matching Missing Persons posters to that of the one designed for James Scythe, for them.

Each poster gives a description of the missing band member and says: “disappeared on August 27 after performing a concert in Leeds, UK. Reportedly last seen boarding a vehicle bound for Southampton, UK.”

All the posters also say to contact Hampshire authorities with any information on 023 8000 0376 – and there is a mysterious message at the end of the phone call.

Fans have commented on the posters saying “Yeah this is brilliant. These guys keep getting better and better.”

Another said: “I am so invested in this right now, what going on?” while one said: “Oh my god this is going to be huge. Love all the concept. Can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Some fans have also speculated that the ‘mystery’ is all part of a publicity plan for a new album by the band.