LABOUR leadership candidate Owen Smith spoke to volunteers and supporters at a campaigning event in Southampton.

Mr Smith has embarked on a two-weeks tour of the UK and has unveiled plans for what he calls a £200billion British New Deal.

He also announced a pledge to hold a second referendum on membership of the European Union.

Speaking to supporters, Mr Smith said: "Our party is at a crossroads. The decision we now face is the most important for a generation.

“The direction we take in a few weeks’ time will decide our future – and the future for the millions of people who depend on the Labour Party – for generations to come.

“The British people were lied to by the Leave campaign - they deserve to have a say on whatever exit deal the Tories strike with the EU.

“Under my leadership, Labour wouldn’t give the Tories a blank cheque.

“I wouldn’t stand idly by if Brexit meant trashing workers' rights and environmental protections, opening our NHS up to foreign competition, making it harder for us to trade with our neighbours and damaging our economy.

“I’m a passionate pro-European, and I will fight tooth and nail to keep us in the EU.”