A SURVEY has revealed how young workers' drinking habits differ in the UK.

Cross-party think tank Demos has commission a new report titled Youth Drinking in Transition, which also looked at the different levels of alcohol consumption by occupation.

The report looked at the lifestyles of 16 to 24-year-olds and makes a number of recommendations to the Government to further reduce drinking levels in young people.

These include issuing new guidance, starting new campaigns, and labelling drinks differently.

Ian Wybron, senior researcher at Demos, said: "Tackling excessive drinking cultures where they exist head-on, as well as encouraging more responsible norms and precedents at different life stages, is vital to building a more responsible drinking culture.

"Excessive young drinkers commonly think that they will grow out of harmful drinking as they hit more ‘adult’ life stages.

"But it is clear that while many will indeed move on, for others dangerous precedents are set that are much harder to shift.

"Government departments, universities and students’ unions, employers, schools, local community organisations, all have a role to play."

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