WHEN a loved one lives thousands of miles away, the world can seem like a very big place.

That’s why the Daily Echo launched its competition to reunite one lucky reader, with their distant far-flung friend or family member thanks to KLM.

Now we’re proud to announce our winner – Sally Ketteringham, from Southampton, who wants to see her elderly mother, Doreen Smith, reunited with her daughter and Sally’s sister, Jane, who lives in Canada.

The reunion will take place at Southampton Airport where KLM connects Southern England, to the world, via its internationally renowned Hub, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

“Shortly after she got married 26 years ago my sister, Jane, moved to Canada with her new husband,” explained Sally, 48, who runs a pre-school in Shirley.

“Jane has returned for visits and Mum has visited with my dad when he was alive but she is scared of flying and following his death six years ago she hasn’t felt able to make the trip.

“She sees the family on Facetime and Skype but it’s not the same as being able to hold her daughter and talk to her in person, just to hug her would be amazing.

"Mum is 80 next year and never moans or complains although she suffers badly from joint pain, but she often says; ‘I don’t know when I’ll see Jane again’. Now she will.”

Jane – who is 51 – and Sally have another sister, Sue, 53, who lives a few streets away from Sally and her mother but is planning to move to Cambridge with her husband to be nearer her grown-up children.

“Mum understands but it’s sad for her to see another daughter move away,” said Sally.

KLM’s competition in the Daily Echo was launched to celebrate the airline’s new service from Southampton Airport to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, where passengers can fly hassle-free to more than 130 destinations.

Warner Rootliep, general manager of Air France KLM UK and Ireland, said: “Our business is bringing people together. At KLM we are delighted to team up with the Daily Echo to make Sally’s dream of reuniting her family a reality.”

Ian Murray, Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Echo, said: ‘We’re delighted for Sally and her family.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for her to be reunited with her loved ones and we look forward to the moment they are reunited as Sally’s loved ones step off their flight Southampton Airport.”