A councillor admitted setting up a secret camera to film women using his bathroom, police said today.

Neil Redrup, an independent member of Gosport Borough Council, pleaded guilty at Southampton Crown Court yesterday to four charges of voyeurism.

The 45-year-old also pleaded guilty to a charge of gross indecency relating to opening a pornographic email in front of a child.

The court heard that Redrup positioned the camera in a cupboard inside the bathroom of his home in Alver Road, Gosport, Hampshire, with the lens spying through a hole where a toilet roll holder used to be.

The device was discovered after a friend found a video cassette of the women among Redrup's video collection.

The court heard the charges relate to four separate occasions when he filmed three women who he met over the internet.

Redrup, who is an MoD communications worker, was suspended from the Labour Party after his arrest, but continued serving the council as an independent councillor.

Detective Constable Barbara Hamilton, of Gosport CID, said: ''The police investigation into the illegal activities of Neil Redrup has been intense.

''A large amount of time went into gathering evidence, and clearly that evidence helped achieve today's guilty pleas to four charges of voyeurism and one of gross indecency.

''I hope the public is reassured by his guilty pleas and feel further protected when Mr Redrup is sentenced on July 9 at Southampton Crown Court.''