For more than 100 years the names Tyrell and Green and Southampton went through much together, sharing in adversity and prosperity.

It was in 1897 that Mr Reginald Tyrrell and Mr William Green opened their first shop that was described a drapers, milliners, ladies' and childrens' outfitters.

It must have been successful for the following year they moved to premises in Above Bar, Southampton and from the beginning Tyrrell and Green was considered a high-class shop, renowned for its two commissionaires, page boys and Italian chef.

In 1920 Mr Tyrrell decided to leave the company leaving Mr Green and his wife to run the business and 12 years later, when the couple retired, the shop was sold to barkers of Mile End Road, London.

However just 12 months later Mr and Mrs Green returned and bought back the shop and in 1934 it was again sold, this time to the John Lewis Partnership but the name Tyrrell and Green llived on.

During the Second World War the shop was completely destroyed by enemy action and the shop and staff transferred to Winchester.

In 1956 a new building, on the same Above Bar site, was officially opened with a third floor added two years later and in the years that followed Tyrrell and Green became a local landmark.

By the mid-1990s plans were announced for a new store and in September, 2000 under its new name, John Lewis Southampton, opened in the WestQuay shopping complex.

Name: Reginald Tyrrell and William Green Occupation: Businessmen LOCAL LINK: Founded landmark Southampton department store Tyrrell and Green