These days perhaps the name Sir Sidney Guy Kimber has slipped from the minds of many local Southampton people but the way much of the city looks today is the result of his foresight.

Born in 1873, Sir Sidney first became a local councillor in 1910 and then served as mayor for two consecutive terms from 1918 to 1920.

After serving as mayor, he was made an alderman and among his many notable achievements were pioneering the building of the Civic Centre and the development of the city's Sports Centre, including the municipal golf course.

Established in 1935 by Sir Sidney, the Southampton Municipal Golf Course was immediately hailed as the best municipal course in England, a standard it has continued to this day.

Sir Sidney was knighted for his services in 1935 and later published his memoirs, Thirty Eight Years of Public Life in Southampton.

He was born at Highfield and after his marriage he lived at Oakdene, at the corner of Welbeck Avenue and Church Lane.

Sir Sidney, who died in 1949, is remembered by the "Kimber'' porch designed by E. Berry Webber, the architect of Southampton Civic Centre, for the city's Highfield Church.

Name: Sidney Kimber Occupation: Public servant DATE OF BIRTH: 1873-1949 LOCAL LINK: Visionary politician helped shape modern day Southampton