IT was a night of celebration for some of the city’s best venues.

In an evening designed to reward Southampton’s bars, clubs and cafes for their efforts to keep revellers and staff safe the very first Best Bar None awards were held at Novotel Southampton.

Three winning teams took home trophies as proof of their commitment to improving standards in the nighttime econmy while nine went home with second or third place.

Twenty four venues went away with accreditation certificates after signing up for the scheme, which aims to reduce crime and promote best practice for licensed premises.

Organiser Colin Pollard, former Shooting Star landlord with 18 years experience in the pub trade said: “It’s all about the future. We now have twenty four dedicated and accredited venues but in 2017 the process will be shorter and we will have at least double the numbers going in for the scheme - and in 2018 we will have the biggest scheme in the country.”

General manager of the Dancing Man - which won best pub and best overall venue - Christina Joy said the team were “blown away” by the win, but that the award was “brilliant to have.”

In her first ever stint as general manager she added: “It really was quite a surprise.

"We couldn’t have done it without all the people who work there.

"It’s the staff who actually do all the physical work.

"We might be the new kids on the block but we’re the best.”

Trophies were given out by Southampton district Superintendent Alison Heydari.

Roll of honour:

  • Overall winner: The Dancing Man
  • Best Pub: The Dancing Man
  • Best Bar: Grand Café
  • Best club: Oceana
  • Joint third best pub: The Standing Order, The London
  • Second best pub: The Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis
  • Joint third best bar: Buddha Lounge, Kellys
  • Second best pub: Medbar
  • Best club third place: For Your Eyes Only
  • Best club second place; Café Parfait