HE IS the latest unique arrival at Marwell Zoo - and he is now waiting for a name.

The adorable pygmy hippo calf was born on November 2 at the Marwell Zoo and he is a true rarity, since there hasn’t been a male born at the zoo for the last decade.

His breed is originally native to the forest of West Africa and due to deforestation and logging has lost its natural habitat.

Now, the little hippo will be part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme (EEP) of the Zoo and a competition has been launched to give him a name.

Claire Mound, Team Leader for Primates and Small Mammals said: "We are really excited to confirm this new arrival is male.

"He has quickly learnt how to use his feet and is already jumping around."

The staff at the zoo has already listed four names for him and the public can now vote online to choose between Derek, George, Walter or Norbert.

A female of the same breed, called Gloria, was born at the Marwell in 2013 and is now starting her own family at the Edinburgh Zoo, while the new born is enjoying the care of his mum Wendy and his Dad Oliver here in Southampton.

"Wendy is a very attentive and gentle mother to her new calf which is lovely to watch.

"Over the next few weeks we will continue to monitor the new arrival and start to introduce him to the rest of his enclosure and regular practice in the pool", Claire said.

All he needs now is a name.

The competition to pick one will close on November 29 and those who vote can also get a chance to win a family ticket to the Marwell Zoo as they will be automatically entered into a draw.

To vote visit www.marwell.org.uk. or the Marwell Wildlife Facebook page for more pictures and updates.