A HAMPSHIRE nurse has died after inhaling a gas, an inquest has heard.

Learning disabilities nurse Shelter Nozipho Redwood, 42, died at her home in Eastleigh.

Zimbabwean-born Mrs Redwood, of Twyford Road, lived with her husband Paul.

An inquest in Winchester heard how Mrs Redwood was being treated for depression following a visit to her GP.

There, she had complained of fleeting suicidal thoughts and poor sleep.

The inquest also heard how Mrs Redwood was worried about marital problems, as well as debts.

Mrs Redwood’s husband Paul said she kept her depression secret, describing her as a “very private person”.

Her friend of 13 years Linda Jones told the hearing about meeting up with Mrs Redwood on several occasions to discuss her problems.

The pair also had discussions over text messages, the inquest heard.

Colleague Margaret Martin said Mrs Redwood came into work, “to do the job that she loved doing”.

“She had always seemed a very calm person. We were very surprised. She was friendly to everyone.”

The hearing also heard that Mrs Redwood had cleared her online work diary in the week prior to her death. 

There were no planned appointments with clients for the week after her death in August.

She left what was described as a “poignant” letter to her husband.

PC Andrew Gare, officer in the case, said it was a non-suspicious death and a result of her own actions.

Toxicology results showed no alcohol in Mrs Redwood’s system. She had consumed toxic, but non-fatal levels of over-the-counter drugs and of her prescribed anti-depressants. 

Central Hampshire coroner Grahame Short concluded the drugs did not contribute to her death. When she was found, empty gas bottles were discovered in her home.

Mr Short said: “There is no doubt that she intended to take her life. There were people willing and able to support Shelter, to help her to move on even if her marriage had come to an end. She chose not to ask for that help.”

He recorded a verdict of suicide.