THE FAMILY of a student at a Hampshire university who has been missing for more than two months have flown to the UK to try and find him.

Chi Chung Hong, better known as Ivan, was last seen by his parents on September 25 when he left Hong Kong to return to his studies at the University of Southampton.

He arrived at Heathrow airport the next day and it is thought that he then stayed in a B&B in Southampton.

Since then he has only been in contact with his family a handful of times, the last via telephone message on October 4.

Ivan, an only child, is described as 5ft 6in in tall, medium build with short black hair and glasses.

He has studied in the UK for three years taking his A Levels in Northampton.

His father, Eric Hong said: “We are very worried, even though he is 20-years-old. He is still in a different county.” 

His parents describe him as an average student, who is quiet and enjoys reading.

Ivan’s parents gave the second-year student a credit card last used on October 12. However, Ivan could be using cash that has parents gave him. 

His mother, Ida Yau, who works for the police in Hong Kong said: “He was always complaining that he was busy, so we only contacted him once a week to see how he was getting on with his studies.”

The Biological Science student had to re-sit an exam in October, however he did not turn up. 

It is believed that Ivan, who has no known friends in the area, has not been attending university this term. 

“I just want him to call home as soon as possible. We are very concerned. Everything can be sorted out if he just gets in contact,” said his father.

Ivan’s parents said that his 75-year-old grandmother in Hong Kong is extremely concerned about her grandson as they are very close.

His family will be returning to Hong Kong on Christmas Day.

Police are appealing for anyone that has seen him to contact them on 101, quoting 44160477365. 

Alternatively, the family wish for people to contact Vice Chancellor of the Chinese Association in Southampton Andy Lai on 07980593879. 

No one was available at Southampton University to comment.