AN ALPACA which was seriously injured in an attack by a dog in Hampshire has died.

The sad news comes as the owners of Petlake Alpacas of the New Forest revealed there had been three attacks in as many months.

They spoke of their devastation after losing one of the victims of the second attack on December 22.

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Despite surgery and around-the-clock care, alpha stud male Oberon was put down by a vet last night.

In a statement, owners Brian and Susan Sears said: “We are devastated to have to report that today we lost our beautiful alpha stud male alpaca, Oberon, who was one of the victims of the second of three savage dog attacks that our farm has suffered in as many months. 

“After nearly two weeks of round the clock monitoring and nursing, poor Oberon’s wounds were not healing as well as hoped and, despite further surgery, were found to be beyond recovery. 

“We were left facing the agonising reality that we had to let him go before he suffered further.”

The pair hailed Oberon as hero who they believe put himself in harm’s way to save the herd.

They added: “He had established his place as the dominant male in our stud group and was, until the attack, undisputedly  the strongest of them all.

"As alpha male, it is likely that Oberon would have put himself between his herd mates and the attacking dogs.

“After the attack, his lifelong companion, Outrage, was covered in Oberon’s blood, and was standing guard over his wounded friend, who sadly has paid the ultimate price in order to save his companions.”