A NEW exercise class is starting in Southampton – but it’s a class with a difference. 

Nude-ercise is aimed at anyone who wants to get fit without the clutter of clothes. 

Run by personal trainer and fitness guru Helen Smith, the class will take place in Nursling village hall and has been timed to fit around a popular swimming session at Oaklands pool - which is also for naturists. 

Ms Smith, from Basingstoke, described the class as “gentle boot camp-style exercise with partner games and teamwork”, but added that it will be adjusted according to fitness levels of those attending. Circuits style exercise class, using mainly body weight exercises. 

She added: “It’s really useful to be able to see exactly what the instructor is doing – if you’re wearing a baggy t shirt you can’t always tell what position your body should be in if you’re doing the plank for example.”

As previously reported by the Daily Echo the nude swimming session started just twelve months ago but has gone from strength to strength – with around 30 regular visitors each week to the Lordshill pool. 

Organisers say the naturist lifestyle has benefits including an increased confidence in body image. British Naturism’s south east co-ordinator John Rodgers told the Daily Echo: “I wouldn’t say that it’s controversial these days. 

“There is a lot of prudishness, particularly around body image and particularly with women.

“But some women end up more enthusiastic about it than men.

“They start off thinking ‘my body’s not good enough’ but what people look like doesn’t matter to us.

“In our view if there was less prudishness about it there wouldn’t be so many problems around body image.

“A lot of hang-ups start because it’s got that air of mystery to it.

“But it’s a healthy lifestyle from a mental health point of view.”

Organisers advise that although nude-ercise is a nudist activity, women may choose to wear a sports bra for comfort. It costs £8 per person and attendance is by pre-registration only, as spaces are limited. 

Attendees must pre-register via email to gain admittance: nude.ercise@gmail.com. Photographic ID will be required.