AS FEARS over a shortage of some vegetables hits Hampshire, a leading food producing organisation has urged people to turn to seasonal produce.

Hampshire Fare, a body which represents food producers and champions food and drink in the county, has called on consumers to be educated that local is best.

“To be quite honest we have all lost the seasonality of veg.

"Years ago you would be expect to eat what was in season but now everyone expects everything to be available all the time,” said Hampshire Fare commercial manager Tracy Nash.

“We have been spoiled. No one really understands the seasons and now it is time to get back to British produce to buy British.

“For example, we need a campaign that lets the public know that you can buy locally grown vegetables in season.

"In season now you can get fabulous leeks, wonderful cabbages, and carrots and of course kale so why not get back to seasonality.

“People should be encouraged to buy locally or even grow their own.

“I think there is a real need in this country to education people on how to grow your own and that could start with helping people to start their own vegetable garden and teach their kids look thee carrots, this is when they grow.”

And Tracy added that it was time supermarkets promoted home-grown, local produce at a fair price.

“We have just been totally spoiled by supermarkets and they need to get behind British growers and buy British produce.

“What we are witnessing is a mixture of problems of people who want courgettes in February and also supermarkets push down the prices and say we want cheap, cheap cheap.

“If people started shopping more locally with their local farm shops and local community shops, we can educate them that they shouldn’t be having courgettes at this time of the year. We need to get back to showing what’s in season.”