SHE is our Blue Sapphire Monarch.

Today, The Queen marks her 65th anniversary on the throne.

The event is traditionally seen as a Blue Sapphire celebration.

Although she has made it clear that she does not wish for any formal events to mark the anniversary since she ascended to the throne in 1952, the nation will still undoubtedly join together to wish her well on this momentous occasion.

Already the longest serving monarch in British history, and now the longest serving monarch in the world today, for The Queen it will be a day of contemplation rather than celebration.

For Her Majesty, the more important anniversary is that of her father’s death at the age of just 56.

In 2015, she said her record as Britain’s longest-reigning monarch was “not one to which I have ever aspired”, and royal sources say she will spend the day in “quiet reflection” at Sandringham.