SHE is the Hampshire woman who had the chance to live a once-in-a-lifetime experience with her idol.

On the day Danielle Howting walked into a cinema to watch a film, she was not expecting to meet her favourite singer – Robbie Williams.

While she was waiting for the movie to start she was surprised by a video projected on the screen showing the Take That star at her house with her family and friends.

A few minutes later the celebrity appeared from behind the cinema screen singing his latest single Love My Life with Danielle’s young daughter Grace.

Danielle, 42, who works in marketing and lives in Gosport, said: “I was absolutely amazed and shocked. This has been one of the craziest but most amazing days of my life.

“It was a beautiful moment and I’ll never forget it.”

Danielle has been Robbie’s fan since she was 16 and has attended 80 of his concerts.

It was at one of those that she met her partner in 2006 and together they had Grace, who now is now nine years old.

“You could say that without Robbie, I wouldn’t have met my soul-mate and had our lovely daughter”, she said.

“To see her sing on stage with Robbie Williams is just out of this world and brought a tear to my eye.”

A Mastercard agent spotted Danielle’s story on the Robbie Williams Facebook fan group and along with the singer they decided to surprise her as part of the Priceless Surprises campaign in celebration of The BRIT Awards 2017.

Danielle was contacted by Mastercard and asked to take part in a documentary about Robbie’s biggest fans, but that was just an excuse to take her away from home and give the superstar the chance to record a video at Danielle’s house.

“I had no idea of what was going on on that day. When I saw Robbie and Grace on the stage they came towards me and I have hugged them and kissed them.”

Danielle had a chance to spend more than 20 minutes with her favourite singer before he left.

Robbie Williams said: “It was brilliant to surprise Danielle and spend time with her friends and family. Singing with Grace and seeing Danielle’s reaction was priceless.”

The singer has asked Danielle to meet him again this summer when he will perform at St Mary’s Stadium in Southampton.

Nicola Grant from Mastercard, said: “Robbie Williams’ unique talent makes him the perfect fit for our fan surprise.

"Giving our cardholders more opportunities to get closer to their idols is at the heart of our partnership with The BRITs and this year promises to be better than ever.”