A SOUTHAMPTON paedophile-hunter has vowed to continue his fight for justice - despite being warned by police that he could face prosecution.

The vigilante and his partner, who operate under the name TRAP, pose as under-age children online in a bid to snare suspected paedophiles living in the city.

They organise meetings with suspects and then film the alleged abusers before posting the footage on the internet.

Their Facebook page was taken down on Tuesday - hours after the Daily Echo broke the story - but they have now lodged an appeal.

They have also launched a new page called 'The Rise Against Peadophiles', saying they have deliberately misspelt part of the title because Facebook refused to let them use the word "Paedophiles".

The hunter, who wants to remain anonymous, said: "Facebook put our page in the 'bullying' category but we lodged an appeal within the hour.

"We've now launched another page so that we can continue to spread the word about the need to protect children."

But a Hampshire Police spokesman said: "Actions of this kind can compromise ongoing investigations into paedophile networks and could spark an abuser to further harm a child if they feel threatened.

"Those who take this approach to exposing paedophiles could be breaking the law and may find themselves at the centre of an investigation or prosecution.

"Identifying alleged paedophiles is best left to the police, who can ensure vulnerable victims are protected.

"Revealing the identity of suspected paedophiles gives the suspect the opportunity to destroy evidence before the police can investigate them."

As reported, the hunter goes online and pretends to be a child in a bid to trap adults whom he believes are paedophiles.

He turns up at an agreed location and films his meeting with the alleged paedophile. One video has been viewed more than four million times.

Last night the vigilante vowed to continue his campaign, saying police were under-staffed and under-funded.

He added: "I've done a lot of research and they could only get me with a public order offence if I lost my temper. I'm willing to face a charge if that's what it takes to bring a paedophile to justice.

"I'm on a mission and nothing will stop me. People have a right to know if there is a paedophile living in their area."

Hampshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Michael Lane, declined to discuss the issue, saying he only commented on matters involving strategy and budgets.