A SOUTHAMPTON exhibition is showcasing an incredible 7,000 contributions from artists. 

Small Faces is a show by the people of Southampton at Showcase art gallery.

Postcard-sized portraits have been submitted by artists of all ages from the city and beyond and was installed over a period of three weeks by Kate Maple and her 20-volunteer team.

She used 30,000 glue dots to hang the portrairs one by one.

Peter Long, director of Solent University's art department, spoke at the preview event.

He said said the exhibition was aimed at “demystifying” galleries, and that after a slow start to the submission process - when only 30 portraits were submitted - he was “heartened” by the huge number of artworks eventually handed in.

Ms Maple said that the finished product represented a whole installation rather than simply a portrait project, and she argues it is proof of Southampton’s vibrant creative art scene.

The portraits were created at workshops and meet-ups at schools, colleges and community groups around Southampton and will be on display until April 21.