An abandoned cat has turned his life around to become the head of the pet department at a Southampton retail store.

Sheldon Lee Cooper-Webster is the head of supermarket retail store B&M in Millbrook, and he also happens to be a cat.

The feline used to sleep on the doorsteps of Southampton homes until Anne Webster, his new owner, rescued him.

Anne, a kitchen assistant said: "As soon as it's light he's out the door before I even leave for work, he's very committed to the job so he likes to make sure he's there on time - sometimes he arrives before the store manager and his team get there!

"He tends to man the pet aisle and to make sure it's always in top top shape for all the customers, although he can be found in the pet beds having a nap from time to time."

Anne rescued Sheldon 18 months ago and he has self appointed himself a head of department role in the store on Auckland Road.

He also has more than 500 Facebook followers since joining the store just over a year ago.

Store manager Tim Evans said: "Sheldon has come a long way since his homeless days. At first we tried sending him home to his mum but he just seems to keep coming back into the store.

"The majority of customers love him that much that they buy him his favourite food every time they go in the shop, and local children and always asking to go and visit him."

Sheldon did go missing one night with notices put on his Facebook page to help find him, but he turned up for work the next morning.

Anne said: "I have to go collect him from the store after he's finished his shift as most of the time he doesn't want to leave - he'd stay there 24/7 and do security if he could."