A MAN haunted by the murder of his daughter 15 years ago hanged himself as he faced eviction from his home, an inquest heard.

John Cook, 39, who worked at the Mexican food stall Cantina El Burrito in Salisbury's market place was found dead in Holmes Road, Bishopdown, on Thursday, December 1.

Salisbury Coroners Court heard that his daughter, Dayna, discovered the body and rang the ambulance before running to a neighbour for help.

Numerous bank statements and debt letters were found in the house, including one from a housing association threatening to evict Mr Cook over rent arrears.

Ms Cook said that in the week before his death, her father had told her he wanted to die as her dead sister, Laura, needed him.

She said : "He had recently lost his driving licence and because of that he had lost his job. He did not talk about his finances but I knew he had difficulties."

Ms Cook had stayed at her boyfriend's house in the week before Mr Cook’s death, and became concerned when he failed to reply to her messages.

She visited his house and found all the lights were off.

Ms Cook noticed that her dad's door was ajar, and on stepping into the room found Mr Cook hanging.

Burns on his hands and arms, alongside other evidence found at the house, led police to believe he may have previously tried to electrocute himself but failed, the inquest heard.

Mr Cook's mother, Valerie Coote, said her son was a happy-go-lucky person, and an extremely hard worker.

But said he had had a hard life and it was very difficult for him to cope.

"The fact he was going to be evicted would have played on his mind,” she said.

An eviction notice had been granted by the courts and he was due to be evicted by December 9, unless the debt was paid in full.

Mr Cook had attempted an overdose in 2006. A GP's report said he had no mental health issues, but had self-harmed after his daughter died in 2002.

Recording a conclusion of suicide, coroner David Ridley said there had been evidence of planning.