EMILY Lowe was like most young girls, she idolised her father.

But when she was only 14 years old her father Graham took his own life – an event which would change Emily’s life forever.

Now the 18-year-old uses pole dance fitness classes as a way of coping with her father’s suicide.

Emily, who lives in Bursledon, shared a strong bond with her dad and he always took great interest in her hobbies – including dancing.

He never missed a dance recital, and she describes him as her biggest fan.

“He was my best friend, my biggest fan and the greatest dad you could ever imagine,” she said.

Her father left behind a family of three – Emily, her brother and mum.

Emily described her dad as: “someone who cared about everyone around him and was always a laugh.”

“He gave me the best 14 years of my life possible,” she added.

“I was shocked and lost for words because it was unexpected. I went to school the next day. As a kid you never imagine losing a parent. You never think it’s going to happen to you.”

Emily, then started suffering from various psychological problems and needed therapy to try and overcome them.

Having already suffered anxiety from a young age, this now further exacerbated her condition.

As a teenager she struggled to spend time with friends and often missed out on events like sleepovers.

“When my anxiety hit I would do everything wrong and have a total panic attack – even during driving lessons.

“I found that it was when I tried new things I got anxious and worried, depending on what I was worrying about I would cry or even be sick.”

However, one day Emily was scrolling through Facebook, and saw an old friend was tagged in pictures participating in a pole dancing fitness session.

After mulling over whether or not to give it a go, having enjoyed dance as a child, she decided to attend a lesson and hasn’t looked back since.

After joining Alectofit, she met her trainer and now friend Chantell Boggins.

Chantell took Emily under her wing to try help her confidence to grow.

“When Emily came to me she had no confidence at all. I couldn’t get her to do anything,” said Chantell. “When she did try things her anxiety would kick in – she would cry and shake, sometimes having to go to the loo to calm herself down.”

Emily added: “When I first started I was worried about what others in class thought of me but now I don’t care and I’m willing to give anything go.”

Having grown a new found confidence in herself, Emily now looks to become a personal trainer, and is currently doing her Level 2 Sports & Fitness course, whilst already looking towards doing her Level 3 this year.

Emily is now member a of MoveGB that helps make exercise more convenient and fun by giving users a multi-venue membership, offering them the freedom to enjoy many different classes, activities, and gyms in their local area, all within one membership.

Emily is now out of counselling, and is coping a lot better with her anxiety.

“I’m doing really well now. I no longer need counselling which is good. I still have anxiety but I’ve learnt how to deal with it.”

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