FEATHERS were ruffled as a Southampton nightclub hosted the city's biggest pillow fight.

Hundreds turned out for the special event at Popworld and were greeted by club classics, cheesy 90s hits, and piles of pillows.

Organisers even offered a £2 entry discount for those who brought along their own pillows.

At midnight the pillow fight began with a countdown and two clear instructions - not to kill anyone and to have as much as possible.

Then fighters began hitting each other with the soft pillows leaving a feather everywhere.

There were three feather cannons shooting more feathers into the air and the fight lasted five minutes, with another round an hour later. 

A spokesman from Pillow Fight UK said: "A lot of people thought it was a fake event - hopefully now they can see. 

"I think people are put off by the word "fight", but we have hosted a lot of events and every time they are just really good fun."