SO far it’s just a one-off.

But with nearly 3,000 visitors to the very first Hampshire Farmers’ Market at Shamrock Quay, organisers are hoping it’s not the last.

There were 29 stalls selling products ranging from venison burgers, sparkling wine, beer, pork, charcuterie, bread and fishcakes as well as face painting, music from The Unexpected and an impressive show of classic cars brought in by Mark Elliott of MDL Marinas.

Run by Alex Handford, Hampshire Farmers’ Markets has been going for 18 years, but Saturday was the first time they’ve set up shop at the historic Shamrock Quay - which was built in 1931 for the America’s Cup.

Ms Handford said farmers have had to be adept at diversifying their products to cater for ever-changing foodie fads.

She said: “Pies in every form are always incredibly popular and have gone full circle, but 18 years ago we didn’t have sparkling wine. Now though Hampshire is very good at producing that, as well as charcuterie - before it was the Italians but we can do that now as well.

“And arancini balls - made from rice - are quite a new thing.”

To have a stall at one of the markets, primary producers - like those who rear cattle or pigs - have to be based in Hampshire or within 20 miles of the border. Secondary producers - for example, bakers - have to use at least 20 per cent of Hampshire ingredients in their products.