Eastleigh Borough Council's local plan that will devastate the Stoke Park Wood area is yet another of their crazed schemes driven only by the perceived financial gains that it will create.

I was involved in the 15 year battle to try and save Woodside Avenue allotments that are now being built on. With this council’s plans only lip service is paid to the loss of social amenities, traffic congestion, air pollution, wild life habitat and public opposition all of which are brushed aside. Knowing this council the Stoke Park plan is probably already a done deal.

Where we can fight these plans is at the ballot box. There is desperate need for political change in Eastleigh. We all need to vote at the imminent local election. Less than 30% of us bother to vote and as a result many of the ruling Lib Dem councillors retain their seat with just 10% of the vote. I urge all those fighting these plans to vote. The possibility of loosing political power will frighten this Council more than any other action.

Richard May