A NIGHTMARE neighbour who described himself as a neighbourhood “guardian angel”, telling people how he was a “trained marksmen”, has been jailed.

Don Andrew Clive Fisher has been slapped with five indefinite restraining orders stopping him from contacting a number of residents living on his road – Wakefield Road, Townhill.

The 51-year-old was proven guilty after a trial before he was sentenced to six months in prison and ordered to pay £3,115 in compensation and court costs, for two counts of harassment, stalking and using threatening language.

The Daily Echo previously reported how Fisher had made his neighbours’ lives a misery, harassing them by knocking on their doors and shouting abusive and threatening language at them between September 1, 2016 and January 13, 2017.

District Judge Nicholas Greenfield said: “You have your views but I don’t accept them.

“These people had the misfortune to come under your radar. You were a scourge on their lives.

“You have shown no remorse about your actions... Some of them were left quite distressed by what you were doing to them.”

The Daily Echo previously reported how Fisher had started harassing one family, living in a neighbouring property, three weeks after they moved in.

He took them gifts, would turn up at their house as many as three times a day, let himself in and take food out of their fridge and on one occasion forced them to take him to church.

He also wrote nasty notes and posted them through their door, including one about a young child at the address.

The second incident involved a family friend of Fisher’s who said he went to her workplace, claiming to be her father, and asked her deputy manager what shifts she was working. Fisher also returned to her workplace on a further occasion, claiming to be from MI5.

The defendant also tried to give her unwanted bags of food and pushed food through her window shouting to her 12-year-old daughter, who was home alone.

Fisher was also convicted of harassing a single father-of-two, living in a house opposite his flat with his two young daughters.

The court heard the defendant would ask him for money, follow and shout at him and send him letters, one of which threatened his daughters.

The last incident was to do with two neighbours, one of whom was an elderly woman with mobility issues.

The court heard that the two women were walking down a hallway in Fisher’s block of flats. When one of them pushed some of Fisher’s food, which was spread around on the floor outside his front door, out the way he told her to not touch his food before saying: “I will knife you.”

At the end of the trial, Fisher said: “If you want to find me guilty of something then find me guilty of being nice.”