TWO new landlords of this historic Hampshire pub are wasting no time putting their own stamp on the watering hole.

Both chefs, Andy Keegan and David Gyngelle took over Fareham’s Miner’s Arms in December last year, and using their expertise, are seeing the menu get the attention they thought it needed.

Andy, 48, agreed to take over the Fuller’s pub after the previous landlady fell ill.

Having helped out already for the previous year-and-a-half, he insists it was an easy decision to make taking over full-time after he fell in love with the place.

Andy said: “We’re hoping to take it in a slightly new direction, and the pub is split in two. One side is for food and the other more for the bar.

“We still serve food in it, but dogs are allowed in and it’s a more relaxed feel.

“Me and David both know food more than anything else, but he runs the kitchen, and I run the bar.

“The character of this place is incredible and I fell in love instantly, it was the easiest decision to make when I was asked. We want to keep spreading the word and seeing customers leave happy.”

The pair were recommended by the previous landlady after she couldn’t continue.

The pub, established in 1840, is so called because the first landlord, George Feast, was the contractor for a nearby railway tunnel. He brought in a gang of Welsh miners to dig the tunnel and one of them had the privilege of naming the pub

Sandy Beauchamp, 57, who has been a member of staff at the pub for 25 years, said: “The pub has the same regular customers who we all love to see, but it also has some more people coming in as they hear about how great the food is.

“David stays in the kitchen mainly, but Andy still lends a hand and the pair of them are running the pub as well as I have seen in my time here.”