A HAMPSHIRE nurse who was concerned about headaches and breathing problems died after her prescribed medication caused pneumonia, an inquest heard.

Rebecca Wallace was found dead at her mother’s home in Southampton.

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard how the 29-year-old from Coxford Road in Lordswood, suffered from breathing difficulties, joint pains and she was also obese.

The court heard she also had headaches and regularly saw a specialist in London, where she had a number of different treatments.

Ms Wallace was on a number of medications for headaches and also suffered from depression.

However the court heard, there was no medical reasons found for her headaches and she was left frustrated after exhausting treatment options.

Giving evidence, her mother Yvonne told how her daughter had been signed off sick from work on, and off for eight months.

She told the court how Rebecca was concerned about her health.

Mrs Wallace said: “She was depressed all she wanted to do was get better and get back to work.

“I was very concerned, they seemed to give her medication after medication after medication.”

“She couldn’t walk properly she had problems with her breathing and her back she would just take what the doctors prescribed.”

“There was one comment she made to me and her sister a couple of months before she died, she said this is going to kill me, perhaps the doctors will see there’s something wrong with me then.”

She said that her daughter had experimental treatment for her headaches which was a success but it was stopped, as there was a shortage of the drug, before it could start again.

Her mother found her unresponsive at her home on May 1.

Giving evidence Peter Streete, forensic toxicology consultant said there was excess levels of medication.

Mr Streete said that the combination of some of the drugs could have led to serotonin syndrome, which can be fatal.

Pathologist Eleanor Jaynes gave the cause of death as bronchopneumonia caused by respiratory depression due to the combination of medication.

Senior coroner Grahame Short recorded a verdict of a drug related death.

Mr Short said: “It is surprising that there was no drug review about which of these drugs

were appropriate, and which should be maintained, but that was not happening at at the time she was taking a large number of drugs.”