HE HAS styled some of the biggest names in the industry from the contestants of ITV’s singing contest, X Factor to international girl group, Little Mix.

Jamie McFarland didn’t even know jobs like his existed when he was growing up in Townhill Park in Southampton.

“I kind of stumbled into it, a fellow stylist from Southampton asked if I wanted to help on a music video.

“I felt myself really wanting to get involved in styling and try it out for myself,” said the former Bitterne Park student.

For three years the fashion stylist dressed hopefuls for the ITV singing competition watched by millions, X Factor.

Now the fashionista, alongside his business partner Zach Tate dress the global girl band Little Mix and will even be styling the group on their ‘Summer Shout Out’ tour – including their performance at the Ageas Bowl in West End on July 7.

The pair began working with the girls after receiving a phone call from the band’s record label, Sony, asking if they would like to put together a mood board and pitch for the music video for the number one single Shout Out to My Ex and they have been working with the girls ever since.

“We are currently designing their tour outfits.

“It’s quite a task with lots of opinions and also lots of logistics to consider – like will the fabric hold out.

“Stage outfits are so different to styling outfits for day-to-day or for a photoshoot.

“There’s so much work and lots of people involved when it comes to the finished product.

Jamie takes his influence from music – predominately the R&B and hip hop genres.

“I think fashion and music go hand in hand as both are a form of expression,” said the former Itchen College student.

Jamie styled the chart-toppers at The Brit Awards,

“We dressed Little Mix for the red carpet and their performance, the outfits were unlike anything we or they had done before and it was such a large platform so that was definitely a highlight.”

Since finishing university, Jamie has moved from the city to the country’s capital.

He said: “Every shop is maximised with choice in London, however, there is an army surplus shop that I always visit when I’m in town, it suits the style that I am wearing at the moment.”

As well as styling celebrities, Jamie also has a clothing line and is hoping to expand his brand.

Even super-model Cara Delevingne and rapper Iggy Azalea have been seen sporting his jumpers.

“I just sent it to Cara, it sounds so easy but I did some research, got it to the right people and she decided to wear it.

“Getting it to her is all well and good, but it depends if she likes what you have sent her,” said Jamie who now lives in Wimbledon.

Since styling celebrities, Jamie said Monday mornings are not so bad and he loves being able to do something that he enjoys, however it does not come without its difficulties.

He said: “The hardest thing would probably be pleasing everyone.

“The most important is the client, however, there is also management, the label and also the public – lugging around cases isn’t that fun either.”

When Jamie is not styling red carpet events, he returns to the city to see his family and can sometimes be seen enjoying Southampton’s nightlife scene.