PRIMARY school children from Southampton have ‘sonnet’ to shout about after becoming published poets.

Every child at Kanes Hill Primary, from four to 111-year-olds, are published authors after their anthology of more than 400 poems was compiled into a book.

‘Once Upon a Dream’ is now on sale to parents and friends to help raise funds for the school.

Headteacher Kirsten Buist said the children are delighted to see the fruits of their creative labour in print.

“This has been a wonderful experience for them to be engaged in poetry and see their work published in the book,” she said.

“Every pupil in the school has a poem featured, creating a huge sense of pride among them all.”

In the lead up to the creation of the book the children took part in a week of creative activities organised by the English, Music and Arts leaders and based around the theme, "Once Upon a Dream!"

Using music, drama and art as a stimulus, the pupils were tasked to write their own poems based on the theme.

As part of the week’s activities the youngsters were also invited to come into school dressed in clothes that demonstrated their dream job or favourite book character.

The school is part of the Hinklers Academies Trust (HAT) whose chief executive officer, Sally Stanton, said: “It is wonderful to see the children’s excitement about becoming published authors.

“All of their hard work has not only resulted in this wonderful book but has also inspired a real love of words and poetry.”