LEGAL action has been taken to remove a group of travellers who set up an unauthorised camp in a Hampshire town.

Eastleigh Borough Council has taken action against the group that has set up its camp on parkland near the old golf course at Fleming Park.

The group of around ten caravans had been camped on grassland off Passfield Avenue in April and have now returned to the town.

The borough council is working with Hampshire Police and Hampshire County Council’s gypsy liaison officer to solve the issue.

A welfare assessment has been undertaken by the county council and police officers are making regular visits to the site.

Borough councillor Wayne Irish said: “We do our best to get them moved out. We are also working to keep the site healthy, tidy and safe for the public.

“I would say to residents not to worry about it because the council have it all under control. They’ll take the appropriate legal action. I hope they’ll leave within the next few days.”

Cllr Irish said that appropriate precautions will be taken at the site to stop the problem.

“Once they’ve left there will be no way they can get back to the site anymore because precautions will be taken,” he added.

Meanwhile, trees are being planted and earth bunds have been created on the land off Passfield Avenue as precaution measures.

In January, £30,000 funding was approved for measures to prevent illegal encampments on Passfield Avenue but, according to the authority, the work was delayed by the recent traveller encampment.

Cllr Irish added: “It’s not going to happen again in Passfield Avenue and we are going to take precautions in Fleming Park so it’s not going to happen again.”

An Eastleigh resident, who does not wish to be named, said: “When they were moved on from Passfield Avenue I saw two council vans and people were cleaning up the area and I am guessing this is done with taxpayers’ money so it’s not good. Anything they can do to stop it is great.”