A MARKET leader in the cruise industry is the new the charity partner of a Hampshire charity.

Carnival UK has announced that it will be supporting, Southampton-based mental health charity, Mayfield as its charity partner in the forthcoming year.

Mayfield Nurseries provides care for people with mental health issues enabling them to develop new skills within a supportive community.

Through its schedule of gardening therapies and training programmes, the charity helps people improve their wellbeing, physical fitness and confidence.

Last year, the organisation supported 86 people with complex mental health problems and dementia with volunteers contributing 8,247 hours.

Now more than 1,000 plus cruise line employees at Carnival cruises will host fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for the charity.

Carnival UK chief executive, David Noyes, said: “Mayfield Nurseries plays a hugely important role in the community and really changes the lives of local people in Southampton.

“Our charity committee had over 20 charities to choose from.

“However we are impressed by how the Mayfield Nursery team, through schemes like the Gardening on Prescription programme, supports people to recover from moderate mental health illnesses as well as supporting people with longer term needs. Carnival UK wants to recognise the incredible work carried out by Mayfield Nurseries by supporting them and raising much needed funds through volunteering and various events at Carnival House over the next twelve months.”