DISNEY films are loved and celebrated by children all over the world.

But now some adults are displaying their adoration for the media production company, in ink form.

Southampton customer service advisor Heather Singleton first watched children’s favourite Frozen in the cinema with her now fiancée Benjamin.

After that the couple were hooked, and would often listen to the soundtrack in the car.

The couple know all of the words to the characters Hans and Anna’s romantic duet, Love is an Open Door and regularly sing them to each other.

It was the film’s significance which made the 23-year-old get a thigh-sized portrait of the lead character Elsa.

She said: “The tattoo has a deeper meaning to me. Benjamin knew about it but he doesn’t like tattoos, he sees the deeper meaning behind it.

“We really enjoy Frozen, it is a big part of our relationship.”

Heather even hinted that there could be a Frozen element once they begin planning their wedding.

Although Heather has a selection of tattoos including a hedgehog tattoo and children’s film The Wizard of Oz – but Elsa remains one of her favourites.

“I know tattoos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but it is my body and I don’t care what other people think.”

The tattoo which took three hours and cost £150 was done by Southampton junior tattooist Shauna Gregory.

Shauna says she has seen a surge of Disney-themed tattoo’s since becoming an artist and says they are most popular with women.

“I think Disney tattoos bring out childhood memories in people. Most people chose their favourite character or movie, it seems to symbolise a happy memory or a happy time,” said the artist, who works at Bennett and Merritt in Southampton.

“I think people are getting into tattoos again now, the quality of the equipment and the ink is so good.

“Tattoos are becoming more mainstream, when the current generation is older it won’t be a taboo to have a tattoo because everyone will have them.

“People are also having more fun with tattoos now, they are exploring different ways to express themselves.

“I think people relate Disney with happiness,” said the 25-year-old.

Shauna said that the most popular Disney-themed tattoos are Beauty and the Beast and says she has seen an increase since the remake was released this year.

Shauna asks customers wanting a tattoo for ideas and inspiration and then draws them a unique design.

Tattoos range from £120 to £300.