PARENTS of pupils from a Hampshire school have voiced their anger after being told boys must wear thick black trousers whilst other schools have relaxed uniform rules for the heatwave.

Bishopstoke mother, Frances Jacobs has accused Wyvern College in Fair Oak, near Eastleigh, of “putting school regulations before children’s health and safety” after receiving an email from the school stating the children should continue to wear school uniform with the exception of their blazers.

After receiving a message from the school, some parents took to social media to voice their annoyance.

Another parent wrote: “Please have a rethink. It’s not about you and your rules it is about those poor kids who are suffering.”

Another commenter wrote: “Why not turn this uncomfortable weather situation into a positive? Why not declare a non-uniform week and ask for voluntary donations towards the British Red Cross fund to assist those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire?”

One Wyvern parent, who does not wish to be named, alleges that her son was so unwell from wearing full uniform that he was unable to go to school yesterday.

Alan Newton, head teacher at Wyvern, said: “We relax the requirement to wear a blazer if the temperature is set to rise to 21/22 degrees.

“All the children wear short sleeved polo shirts, with no blazer in hot weather. Girls always have a choice of skirt or trousers.”

But Ms Jacobs said that this is not enough. She claims when her son Westley returned from school yesterday he was “as red as a tomato”, she also alleges that teachers used fans whilst children were “left to melt”.

However Wyvern said: “Most of our school was built in the 1960s, so we don’t have air-conditioning, but we do have anti-glare film on windows, blinds in every classroom, fans in every room and doors and windows open.”

Mrs Jacobs, who has one child at Wyvern said: “When you see other schools taking measures to keep the children comfortable to learn, you think why have Wyvern got to put their foot down about this. If they do not relax the rules I will take this further, to the MP, health regulations and Ofsted.”

Other Hampshire schools including Crestwood College in Eastleigh, Bitterne Park and St Anne’s schools in Southampton have introduced warm weather procedures.

Crestwood students do not have to wear uniform, however clothing must be suitable for school. Krista Dawkins, head teacher, said: “If any student arrives at school unsuitably dressed, parents will be called and they will be sent home.”

At Bitterne Park, students can wear PE shorts with their normal school shoes and at St Anne’s girls are able to wear shirts without jumpers.

Assistant head teacher of Bitterne Park, Jayne McLaren said: “At the end of the day, students are still sitting exams so we have relaxed uniform rules. We are trying to keep pupils cool so that they can do their best.”