HUNDREDS of pounds of alcohol has been seized from illegal street drinkers in Fareham after police launched a crackdown following the introduction of new laws in the district.

The haul was collected over two nights and included more than 200 cans of beer, eight litres of cider, and bottles of wine, schnapps, vodka and alcopops.

Officers said they had taken the alcohol from a variety of people, ranging from habitual drinkers to underage youngsters, adding that they would continue to enforce the new laws introduced at the end of March.

The Designated Public Places Order was created to combat street drinking throughout the Fareham district, and gave the police powers to remove alcohol being drunk in public. Licensed premises outside which tables are permitted are exempt.

As well as seizing alcohol, officers can also issue fixed penalty notices to those found breaking the by-law.

The seizures - the first targeted enforcement action taken since the laws came into effect - saw police focus on known hotspots in Fareham, Portchester and Locks Heath.

Police Community Support Officers also took part in the action, alongside regular police officers and special constables.

Sgt Pat Dawson said: "We are very pleased with the results of this operation.

"Street drinking is a real nuisance that can lead to antisocial behaviour.

"We are making every effort to prevent it from occurring."