A YOUNG Southampton man took his life after struggling to cope with Asperger’s syndrome and depression, an inquest heard.

Ethan Hudson had attempted suicide several times before taking his own life by jumping from a cliff at the popular walking spot in North Yorkshire.

The 20-year-old from Saltmead in St Denys had been reported missing by his mother Delia on November 26 last year after she received a text from him which read: “I love you mum, bye”.

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard how he was found dead at the bottom Malham Cove later that night.

Days before his death, the court heard he had said he did not see the point in living with autism.

Winchester Coroner’s Court also heard how Mr Hudson had gone to clifftops in Eastbourne days before his death where he was talked down from taking his life.

Acute mental health teams in Hampshire were made aware of Mr Hudson after he attempted to take his life on November 21.

They assessed him on November 23 and a plan was put in place for him to be referred to Hampshire Autism and Fairbridge, a medical review was also planned for December 2.

Mental health staff had planned to call him a day before he died November 25, but this did not happen.

An internal review by Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust revealed that they had missed a key opportunity.

Their report which was read out by assistant coroner Simon Burge stated: “Record keeping was not of the expected standard and not in accordance with policy.

“The missed phone call on November 25 was a missed opportunity.”

The court heard on November 26, in the afternoon, PC Robert Hooks had met Mr Hudson after there were concerns he could take his life on the Itchen Bridge.

PC Hooks said that Mr Hudson appeared to be normal and told him he was simply taking pictures for a photography course, but his camera had been stolen.

Mr Hudson did not want to take any action against the alleged thief, and PC Hooks gave him a lift into Southampton City Centre.

He searched for his name on the police system, but nothing came up, the court heard later that day there was a search for Mr Hudson in St Denys and also at Weston Shore.

Hours later phone records revealed he was in North Yorkshire and his body was discovered by police at Malham Cove.

A note was found in his pocket, the note which was read out in the hearing stated: “My only wish is that by body is bought back to Southampton. I want my family to know where I went and what I did and importantly to know that I love them with all my heart and I am incredibly sorry that it has come to this.”

His mother, Delia Clark said: “I believe he was going to engage with this offer help, but he told me I am just saying everything you all want to hear in the end you are going to all have to respect my wishes.”

Pathologist Dr Carl Gray said Mr Hudson died of injuries that are consistent with falling from a great height, he added that his death would have been instant.

Assistant coroner Simon Burge recorded a verdict of suicide.

Mr Burge said: “Sadly this was a young man that had made up his mind to take his own life and he was only 20-years-old and it is tragic he felt he could see no purpose in life.”