A HAMPSHIRE woman took her life after a suffering from a relapse in her bipolar disorder.

Catherine Welford-Delva from Southampton was found hanged at her home on February 13 by her husband Mark Welford.

Winchester Coroner’s Court heard the 64-year-old from Hill Lane had a history of bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression – but had not mentioned any suicidal thoughts to health professionals.

The inquest heard that Mrs Welford-Delva been treated in Belgium and privately in the UK, and had seen psychiatrist Dr Stroma Macfarlane days before her death, when a care plan was agreed.

The inquest heard she had a relapse in her anxiety, depression and bipolar which was triggered by clutter in her house and fears over her status post-Brexit.

She had told Dr Macfarlane that she “wanted to go to sleep and not wake up” – but Dr Macfarlane did not believe Mrs Welford-Delva had serious intentions to commit suicide and that she had a good support network around her.

The inquest heard Mrs Welford-Delva took a variety of medications for her condition but these stopped briefly in December 2016, when she suffered pneumonia.

It was agreed that Mrs Welford-Delva’s medication would be increased following her appointment with Dr Macfarlane on February 3, and a further increase was made on February 9 after she said that she felt an increased dose would help her.

Assistant coroner Simon Burge recorded a verdict of suicide.

Mr Burge said: “She had everything to live for and a promise of a happy future but sadly that was not to be.

“This was her intention and her wish at that precise moment.

“I have no doubt that she intended at that point to end her life and the only appropriate conclusion to reach is suicide.”

He added to her husband: “Mr Welford there was nothing you can have done to prevent or anticipate this.”