EVERY good party ends with a Grease megamix and the latest visit of the iconic show was no different. Only this time the entire two and a half hours was a party filled with hit after hit from the original high school musical.

Everyone knows the score, especially in this audience full of aficionados keen to join in with their favourite lines, sing along, whoop and generally have a fantastic time.

Boy meets girl. The trials and tribulations of life at Rydell High get in the way until they, and the rest of their teen gang, all live happily ever after. So this star-studded version of Grease stuck to what it did best with barely a break in the high tempo musical numbers for any storytelling.

The Pink Ladies won the battle of the Summer Nights with stronger voices than the T Birds, but it was a great ensemble effort with brilliant choreography to the Born To Hand Jive sequence and costumes beautifully depicting the era.

Danielle Hope was outstanding as Sandy, perfectly pitching the switch from goody goody to sexy siren. I knew The Wanted frontman Tom Parker could sing before seeing his theatrical debut as her beau Danny, but his dance moves and comedy timing never faltered during an impressive performance. Louisa Lytton made a suitably fierce Rizzo and Jimmy Osmond’s brief appearance as Teen Angel went down a storm. Grease runs until July 8. Tickets: 023 8071 1811 or mayflower.org.uk