A HAMPSHIRE man will be appearing on the new series of a naked dating show – thanks to his mother.

Dom Newbold’s mother was reading a Newsquest publication when she noticed an article urging Hampshire residents to appear in the new series of the Channel 4 show, Naked Attraction.

Thinking that her son would be a good fit, she cut out the article and left it by the telephone – after a few days the 21-year-old student applied.

“She said that she thought I would be quite good because I am articulate and hopefully wouldn’t embarrass myself,” he said.

“We are really close. We have always been open about relationships. She doesn’t know all of the details of my love life but she has always met my girlfriends.”

Dom says people often think that he’s a posh boy “born with a silver spoon in his mouth”, but he says he would much rather be “chilling in a pub”.

The dating show, hosted by TV presenter Anna Richardson, sees a singleton choose a date from a selection of naked people, who will be revealed to them one body part at a time.

“I had no reservations before the show about getting naked, I was only really worried about the date. Upstairs in my house everyone would be getting ready in the morning and be naked or in the their underwear. We aren’t nudists but there was never a taboo about it so I am very comfortable being naked,” said Dom, who studies physiotherapy in Amsterdam.

Dom says he’s is looking for someone who is quirky with high cheek bones and who isn’t put off by his posh-boy charm.

“I am an old soul, I have only been on four dates and only two before the show.

“Normally when you are dating you have to go through all of the small talk before you can ask the private questions.

“This show strips down the barriers both physically and metaphorically.”

Naked Attractions will air on Channel 4 at 10pm and Dom will be watching the episode with his friends and his mum will be watching with hers.