A Southampton blogger hit the shores of popular ITV show Love Island this week.

Ellisha-Jade White hit television screens around the country two days ago as a new addition to the popular ITV2 dating show.

Love Island sends a host of people looking for a good time to a villa in Spain for a summer of fun.

It has gained notoriety for its sex scenes, smoking and bad language.

The islanders are encouraged to pair up and convince the public they have found love in hopes of winning £50,000 – which they can share or keep for themselves.

Speaking on why she entered the show Ellisha-Jade said: “You don’t really know people for the first few dates you go on, so it will be nice to get to know someone properly and spend more time together.”

Two months ago the Echo spoke to the 22-year-old new islander about her Southampton-based business and aspirations.

Ellisha-Jade has run blog The Southampton Girl, focusing on lifestyle and fashion, since graduating from Southampton Solent University.

This year Ellisha also launched a PR company called Mirror Digital Media, which offers stylish and affordable marketing to small businesses, previous clients include: Rockbottom Toy Store in Marlands and beauty salon Studio 29 in East Street.

Ellisha-Jade describes herself as extremely hardworking, whilst studying for her degree she worked in retail as well as working in city nightclubs behind the bar and taking photography.

“I would rather work really hard now so that I can relax and enjoy things later on,” said Ellisha-Jade who grew up in Bitterne.

When Ellisha-Jade launched her own business she faced a lot of criticism from cynics.

“When I started I was living off £20 a week and now I am looking to turn over a profit next year. My advice would be don’t listen to anyone, always trust your own gut feeling.”

Ellisha-Jade says she finds it hard to switch off and hasn’t had a day off in the last two years, which is something she attributes to growing up with a hard-working single mum.

“My mum had her own business and that always inspired me to be a business woman,” said the former Sholing Girls student.

So what can we expect? Ellisha-Jade describes herself as “fiery and quite dramatic” she said: “I dated a few high profile people, which became my reputation.. I’m very intense, I like someone for two weeks and then get bored of them.”

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Love Island is on nightly from Sunday to Friday at 9.00pm on ITV2.