SOUTHAMPTON computer analyst, Richard Barnes has been gaming since he was a small child.

His passion began when he was four years old, he would play video games with his mother Roma, pictured.

Today, the 27-year-old will be playing a 24-hour game-a-thon in memory of his mother, to raise money for the cancer support charity Macmillan.

“Before my mum lost her battle to cancer, they were really good at supporting and helping her. They were trying to arrange for her to return to the UK from France, where we were living at the time, to see our family, but unfortunately she did not make it,” he said.

Richard will be playing Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, the new remake of the 90s classic.

“My mum introduced me to games, she used to play Tomb Raider with my dad until the early hours when I was younger.

“She was a really nice person, if she saw someone in trouble she would always go out of her way to help them.

“I will always remember one time when she saw some bullies picking on a child, she shouted at them to leave him alone and then waited with him until his parents came. She always put others first- that’s the kind of person she was.”

This will be the second gaming event that Richard, who reviews games online will be playing.

Previously the gamer from Shirley raised £130 for the charity – this time he hopes to raise £200.

“The most difficult part is actually gaming that long, some friends will come in and help but for most of it, it will just be me. It is hard just staying awake and playing for that amount of time.”

Richard’s gaming event will be streamed on

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