A MAN who stole a £600 TV from a communal lounge from under the noses of residents has been jailed.

Liam Morrow, 46, of no fixed abode has been sentenced to three and half years in prison for a burglary in Southampton where he stole a flat screen TV from a property on Queen's Terrace in February 2017.

The TV was stolen from the communal lounge of Alexandra House on Queen's Terrace.

The building is home to 25 private and student residents and it is believed many of them were at home when Morrow broke into the communal area in the basement and stole their TV.

Morrow attempted to conceal his crime by trying to point the internal cameras in a different direction.

However, Morrow pleaded guilty after his attempt to avoid detection was quashed by officers who viewed the footage that captured him committing the crime on Sunday, February 12.

He was sentenced to three and half years for burglary on Monday.

The investigation was fronted by Operation Hawk, based at Southampton Central Police Station.

Operation Hawk comprises a team of officers dedicated to developing intelligence on burglaries, identifying offenders and putting "the best evidence before the court to make homes in Southampton safer", said police.