A NATIONAL animal charity has awarded the welfare work of one of the south east’s Members of European Parliament.

Keith Taylor, a Green Party MEP, has been honoured for his services to animal welfare throughout Europe by the RSPCA.

Keith is also vice-president of the European Parliament’s intergroup for animal welfare. He has been representing the region since 2010, having previously been a Green Councillor in Brighton.

Keith said: “As the Green Party’s animal spokesperson, I am really honoured to have received this award. I campaign on many animal welfare-related issues including bull-fighting subsidies, fur imports, cruel farming practices and the badger cull.

“As the UK prepares to exit the EU, my goal is to ensure that animal welfare is central to Brexit negotiations.”

For more than 100 years, the RSPCA honours have been given to recognise people and organisations who’ve helped the RSPCA as it aims to end cruelty and protect animals from abuse.

Michael Ward, RSPCA interim chief executive said: “Keith richly deserves this award.

“During his seven years in the European Parliament, he has been a tireless advocate for animal welfare.”

Keith has hosted cruelty-free events relating to animal testing and pushed for an eight-hour maximum journey time for animals in transport.