A WOMAN was found dead in a Hampshire river after she made an online suicide pact, a Winchester inquest heard.

Police launched an investigation after the body of Iwona Niczyporuk, 38, was found in Beaulieu River.

The 38-year-old had been communicating online with a man and a woman discussing ways to ‘exit’.

The Dorset man had made a suicide pact but did not follow through on his promise after a change of heart. The inquest heard that the man had been arrested but was later released without charge.

Ms Niczyporuk was last seen at her home in London on the morning of Sunday, August 28, 2016.

Hampshire police were called to the banks of Beaulieu River when a walker found her shoes and a rucksack and spotted footprints in the mud leading into the water.

The rucksack contained clothing, a phone, keys, sketched maps of the area, a list of trains from Waterloo station to Beaulieu Road station but no return times and a note asking to return her keys to her landlord.

Her flat in Mitcham was searched by the Metropolitan Police, where a note was discovered and it was found that she had been contacting users of a suicide website.

The police said no third party was involved in her death and that it was Iwona’s choice to enter the water.

PC Thomas Hannam, from the police marine division, found her body floating in Beaulieu River near Bailey’s Hard on September 2.

Further investigations turned up CCTV images of Iwona at Waterloo station on the afternoon of August 28 and disembarking the train at Beaulieu Road.

The station is about four miles from the river, and it is not known how she got there.

Dr Norman Carr, the pathologist, said Ms Niczyporuk’s body showed all signs of prolonged immersion in water and that she could have died from the shock of entering the water or drowning.

Senior coroner Grahame Short said Ms Niczyporuk had been treated for depression in the past and was likely to have suffered a bout at the time she died.

He added that the note in her flat and her rucksack were further proof that her death was planned.

Mr Short concluded that Ms Niczyporuk committed suicide and her death probably occurred between the afternoon of August 28 and the early hours of August 29, 2016.