SOUTHAMPTON mum Mia Boardman will return to the MTV hit show Teen Mom UK for a second series.

The 20-year-old will be back on the nation’s screens from tomorrow for the new series of the US spin off.

Teen Mom UK follows the journey of five young women as they juggle babies, boyfriends, careers and broken hearts.

This series will focus on Mia’s move to Thornhill with her partner Manley Geddes and their daughter Marliya.

“So much has changed since the end of the last series when we were leaving Manley’s mum’s house. This series you will see us moving into our own flat which has been very testing for our relationship.

“Although we had Marliya this has made us be real grown up and you will see our personality clash,” said Mia.

Since the show aired last November, Mia said she regularly receives messages from fans.

“I really like being recognised, it has been really fun. Some people stop me and ask for photographs. I have an agent now and get lots of messages on social media,” said the former St Anne’s School girl.

In the last series of Teen Mom UK, Mia gave birth to her daughter Marliya and struggled to deal with Manley’s former partner, who the Cantell student has a toddler with.

“Sometimes when you are filming and something private happens it is hard. There are only two cameras usually and I am really close to the producers so it is easy to forget – it really is reality TV.”

Before the first series aired Mia told the Daily Echo that she was nervous how Manley, who studied at Cantell, would deal with being centre stage.

“Secretly I think he really loves it. He has received a lot of positive messages as well,” she said.

Mia says viewers can expect a lot of ups and downs in the new series as her and Manley’s ambitions and goals are evidently very different.

“It is really hard because this series we have a lot of fights and disagreements. We are in a good place now and they will be hard to watch.

“Normal couples don’t have to relive fights and sometimes that’s difficult.”