SHE thought she had found her future husband.

But her ex-lover Dleir Amin is now facing a jail term after subjecting her to a torrent of “threatening messages” claiming “he would never leave her alone”.

He spied on her while she was out shopping and left her “too scared to carry on living in Southampton” after months of stalking.

Amin, of Orchard Lane, Southampton, left his victim feeling “helpless, scared and frightened” by the prolonged harassment.

The court heard that during the couple’s 16-month relationship they had “talked about marriage” but after they split up in October he would not leave her alone.

The 39-year-old was accused of 11 separate cases of stalking, which led to harassment, between September 2016 and January 2017.

The court heard that the victim kept telling Amin to “leave her alone” and that the relationship was over, but Amin persisted.

Prosecuting, Natalie Angel told the court that on December 29, Amin had followed his former partner to retailer Next, in Hedge End, and was found to be “stood staring at her from within the ladies’ section”.

She said: “He then followed her out and asked her to believe this was a coincidence, that they just so happened to finish shopping at the same time in the same place and leave at exactly the same time as her.”

The court heard that Amin was also caught spying on her outside college, where she studies English, at 2pm one day – despite claiming to work between 8.30am and 6pm. Miss Angel said: “Again he was just outside the college watching her.”

Miss Angel added: “As a result of this, she feels she has to leave Southampton as she feels scared.”

Amin was also accused of following the complainant to an Iranian festival in Birmingham and of sending text messages to her despite being arrested for harassment after turning up to her house “unwelcome, with flowers and food”.

Miss Angel told the court that Amin had also followed a man – whom he had seen leaving the victim’s house – for more than an hour to Swindon.

When Amin approached the man, who told him he was not in a relationship with the victim, defence solicitor Raymond Tan said his client acted “like a schoolboy in love, hoping there might be a chance for his relationship”.

The court heard that Amin’s ex-partner tried to make contact with him, including in March when she “feared for family”, as she believed Amin would go to Iran and find them.

Mr Tan said: “This is a bit far-fetched. She says he might cross Iraq to Iran to attack her family. We’re talking about a war-zone.”

In finding him guilty, lead magistrate Joanna Furby said Amin had left his victim “helpless, scared and frightened”. She told the court that Amin had left voicemails for her that said “he would never leave her alone”.

She added: “You said that anybody in your shoes would do the same thing. The point is that no reasonable person would follow a person like you did.”

Amin will be sentenced at Southampton Magistrates’ Court on August 9 following a probation report.