HUNDREDS of people living in Southampton’s most prestigious flats have been left without water again, having already been evacuated for a week earlier this summer.

Residents of the 26-storey Moresby Tower, Blake Building and Hawkins Tower overlooking Ocean Village were told to leave their luxury homes following a flood caused by a burst water main in late May.

They were left with no water or electricity and were unable to return to their flats - which can cost thousands of pounds a month to rent - for a week.

But irate residents have suffered further problems this week, with 300 properties affected.

On Tuesday morning flats were left without running water, and while supply returned after a few hours they awoke to more issues yesterday.

One resident, who asked not to be named, told the Daily Echo: “It’s an absolute joke.

“The taps are dry and I can’t have a shower.

“It was back on by late morning on Tuesday, but then it happened all over again on Wednesday.

“There’s clearly a problem and you wake up wondering, ‘can I have a shower today?’

“We pay a fortune in management fees but I don’t know what we pay for.”

A spokesman for Eastleigh-based SDL Bigwood, which manages the building, said: “We were alerted to issues with the water supply, affecting 300 properties in the Blake Building, Moresby Tower and Hawkins Tower in Admirals Quay, Southampton, in the early hours of Tuesday

“A plumber was sent straight to the site to assess the situation and a team of electricians and pump engineers arrived at the buildings as soon as possible that morning. The water supply was fully reinstated to all properties by 10am.

“No further issues were reported throughout Tuesday but our out-of-hours team received a further report regarding a loss of water supply in the early hours of Wednesday.

“The pump engineers were immediately called out again and all water was restored by 8am. A team of specialists have been on site throughout the day, and overnight monitoring has been arranged to ensure that the issue is now fully resolved.

“Our residents are our number one priority and we are, of course, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Moresby Tower is part of the Admirals Quay complex that was completed in 2014 and provides residents with stunning views of Ocean Village and Southampton Water.

A two-bedroom apartment can cost at least £325,000, plus a yearly service charge of £1,850 and ground rent of £150 per annum.

The problems in May stemmed from a broken water main seal, causing a massive leak that flooded the basement and knocked out the electricity supply.