IT WAS a sweet wedding for the Saints fans who celebrated their special day in a very unusual location.

There was lots of love and ice-cream at the wedding of Jayne and Neil Gregory who have become the first to celebrate their wedding at Sprinkles Gelato on Above Bar Street in Southampton.

Jayne and Neil, from Hedge End, who met each other thanks to their love for Saints, wanted their wedding to be different and to be held in a location that would also make their six grandchildren happy.

Jayne, 57, who works as an operator for a taxi company, said: “I have got grandchildren and they were all at school at 3pm and they couldn’t come to the register office so I wanted to find a way to have them at the wedding and celebrate the special day with us and I thought let’s go to Sprinkles because I thought kids would love it.”

Therefore, after having tied the knot on Tuesday, they all went to Sprinkles to celebrate and enjoy their favourite ice-cream.

“It was the perfect end to a perfect day for us. We wanted our grandchildren to be involved and Sprinkles was ideal,” Jayne said.

The couple first met each other while they were outside St Mary’s Stadium before a football match in 2012.

“Without the Saints we probably would have never met each other,”said Jayne, who chose red and white as wedding colours.

“We wanted a relation to the Saints on our wedding day,” she added.

On the day she wore a red dress and white lace jacket while Neil, who is 45 and works as trade counter assistant, wore a black suit with red and white striped tie.

Although they may not be the first couple who met before a Saints match, they are definitely the first to have celebrated their wedding at Sprinkles in the city.

Store manager Habil Ali said: “This was the first wedding we’ve had since Sprinkles opened.The kids obviously loved the gelato and the adults enjoyed their desserts. We offered table service, which we don’t usually do but we made an exception for the party.”