THOUSANDS of fresh faced students will descend on Southampton from this week.

More than 10,000 students from Southampton Solent University and University of Southampton will are set to move away from home for the first time in their lives.

Freshers’ week will see students take part in quiz, comedy, film and curry nights as well as a mix of nightlife events ranging from foam to hot tub parties.

Both universities will also host fresher fairs where students will have the chance to sign up for numerous societies and sports teams as well as receive information, advice and offers from local community groups, businesses and organisations.

Hundreds will also be out on the town, visiting bars and clubs around the London Road and Bedford Place area of the city as part of the student unions-organised Big Night Out, a bar crawl designed to give newcomers a taste of Southampton nightlife.

Professor Graham Baldwin, vice-chancellor of Southampton Solent University, said: “The start of term is always an exciting time for us; introducing new students and welcoming back returning students to our busy and vibrant campuses and helping them on the journey towards their future careers.

“Southampton is home to two thriving universities – so the city is constantly bustling with things to do, and lots of ways for students to make the most of their time here.  

“We appreciate that moving to a big city can be a daunting experience, particularly as it is the first time away from home for most students, which is why we like to make the settling in process as easy as possible.”

Councillor Simon Letts, leader of Southampton City Council said: “Southampton has two thriving universities which bring innovation and creativity of which and it’s students are a major part of the cities economy.

“However students need to respect the local community and help to minimise crime.”

Meanwhile, Hampshire Police is warning students to stay vigilant and will be working with both universities to regularly communicate crime prevention advice to students throughout the year.

Chief Inspector Beth Pirie said: “We hope all new students coming to study in Southampton have a safe and enjoyable freshers’ week.

“When on a night out try not to drink too much, it makes you vulnerable. Stay with your friends and plan on how you will be getting home later.

“Avoid being left to walk home on your own, organise a taxi, public transport or lift from a friend.”

Solent University freshers’ week will between Friday, September 18 and Sunday, October 3 while at University of Southampton it will run between Monday, September 25 and Sunday, October 15.