HE’S the self-proclaimed self-made millionaire who has paraded his wealth all over the internet.

But when it came to repaying a loan he resorted to violence – trying to mow down the creditor with his car.

Now serial motoring offender Elijah Oyefeso has swapped his luxury ‘crib’ for a prison cell.

The 23-year-old, who showed off a swanky Chilworth home and luxury cars in an online video, has been sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.

Southampton Crown Court heard that on November 21, 2016 Oyefeso got behind the wheel of a Toyota Prius and attempted to run over former soldier Dennis Ofosu in Millbrook Road West, Southampton.

Prosecuting, Richard Martin told the court that Mr Ofosu had loaned money to Oyefeso so the defendant could purchase a new Land Rover.

Cars loom large in the legend of Oyefeso who appears in an online video in which he appears to buy a Rolls Royce for his mother – turning up at the dealership dressed in a cream towel bathrobe.

Strangely the blue Silver Wraith also appears as his own car in another video in which he gives viewers a tour of his luxury pad.

The Wraith is parked in the drive alongside his “everyday” cars – a Range Rover and a Toyota Prius.

During the tour of his home we see his king size bed “for the king” and inside his surprisingly small wardrobe stocked with a handful of T-shirts and one suit.

At the end of the video he goes ‘scouting’ for a jet plane and arrives at an airfield where poses on the bonnet of his Roller with an aircraft in the background.

In the past Oyefeso has claimed to earn up to £70,000 a month, sometimes by only working an hour per day.

His most extravagant appearance was on Channel 4’s Rich Kids Go Shopping – which saw him make £1,000 in 15 minutes.

Oyefeso ran a trading company called DCT (which stands for Dreams Come True) and made his money in binary trading – a form of stockbroking in which the investor bets on whether the share price of a company will go up or down over a given period – which can be as short as a minute.

It is understood he started his business with student loan after dropping out of Buckingham University

Despite Oyefeso’s showy lifestyle, his own defence counsel Jamie Gammon told the Southampton court at the sentencing hearing: “He makes a number of claims about his wealth but I have seen no evidence of this.

“Clearly if he had this money he could have written a cheque to the victim.”

Mitigating, Mr Gammon told the court Oyefeso’s actions were not those of an arrogant man, but “an immature one”.

The court had heard that when the victim asked for his money back outside Goals Football Centre, in Millbrook, Oyefeso got in his car.

Prosecuting, Richard Martin said: “The defendant said ‘If you were in London I would kill you’.

“Oyefeso’s friends said to him ‘Why don’t you get rid of this waste man?’.”

He then drove into the victim who ended up on the bonnet of the car.

Mr Martin added: “The victim grabbed on to the windscreen wipers.

“Oyefeso said ‘I told you I would kill you’ and his friends told him to stop.

“He put the windscreen wipers on and the victim ended up on the grass.”

Oyefeso, who had represented himself at his trial, was found guilty of dangerous driving by a jury in August.

Although Mr Ofosu suffered only minor injuries, Judge Christopher Parker QC condemned Oyefeso’s actions.

He told the court: “The victim came off the bonnet of your car and landed on the dual carriageway of a major road.

“Mercifully, he was not seriously injured. It was very dangerous and he could have been killed or badly injured.”

“You portrayed yourself as a very successful trader within the financial market.”

Judge Parker added: “Clearly this is not the case.”

The court had earlier heard how Oyefeso, who worked in Southampton, had a string previous driving offences since 2013, including five counts of driving without insurance, five counts of failing to identify a driver and four for speeding – many of which took place before he actually passed his driving test last year.

The court heard that he was also in breach of a suspended sentence for possession of a stun gun in a public place in 2015.

It was around this time that Oyefeso was once quoted as laughing after his gold Lamborghini and Bentley Continental were written off in a £450,000 crash.

Oyefeso, who gave his address as John Ruskin Street, Camberwell, was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment for dangerous driving and 18 months for possessing a weapon in a public place.

He was banned from driving for three years and three months.